John Maketa leverages over two decades of experience as a strategic advisor, workforce analyst and as a hands-on Chief Revenue Officer to deliver a unique perspective on the science of demography and what it means within the context of organizational leadership.

As a thoughtful researcher, John expertly combines insights related to the power of shifting demography with his professional experience leading high performing organizations. He also adds some relatable psychology around human behavior to create instant, lightbulb moments and inspire meaningful action.

John specializes in engaging a wide variety of industry associations and companies around how social, cultural and demographic phenomena impacts their organization and how to protect and insulate their market position by attracting, developing, and retaining their next generation of A-players.

John is a Board member of KGC Direct, Fellow and advisory board member of The Work Institute, and CEO and Co-Founder of DLITE Learning. He is the Co-Author of 2 books “Leading with Vision” and the bestselling book “Now You’re Thinking!”

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